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Current Time: 09:11:03pm
Date: 2019-02-23

1 LifeMed Response Ambulance attended this accident scene.


1 LifeMed Response Ambulance
1 Stop Lifemed is an 24 Hour Advanced Life Support & Ambulance Service which started in ­2012 serving the rural communities of Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as Durban Central. Branches now also in: Eastern Cape, Western Cape & Northern Cape.

Contact: 084-515-6218

#MotorVehicleAccident #N2 #Amalinda #Ambulance 0845156218 Accident on the N2 by Amalinda offramp...

21 Dec 2018, 10:29 am

#MotorVehicleAccident #N2 #Amalinda #Ambulance 0845156218 Accident on the N2 by Amalinda offramp leaves 1 person injured. #1StopLIFEMED medics on scene and will be Conveying the injured to hospital. For all medical emergencies remember to call 0845156218