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Current Time: 01:56:15pm
Date: 2019-03-25

CRISES MEDICAL attended this accident scene.


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#SpecialisedMedicalServices We take great pleasure in welcoming on board Chelsea Preparatory...

22 Mar 2019, 1:02 pm

#SpecialisedMedicalServices We take great pleasure in welcoming on board Chelsea Preparatory School as one of our valued specialised medical services clients. This means Chelsea becomes another one of many great schools to benefit form dedicated twenty four hour advanced life support emergency medical response services to their learners, teachers and visitors in the event of an emergency. Being a preferred client they also benefit from preferential rates with regards to first aid training and on site medical assistance for sporting and special events. Chelsea is a school built on family and tradition which is felt as soon as one enters their beautiful grounds. They offer a broad variety of sporting and cultural activities together with a commitment to academic excellence. The first entry in their log book is dated 25 January 1932 and they have over the last 84 years built their reputation as not only being the oldest school in Durban North but a leading school in their community. In 1999 Chelsea Drive Senior Primary School as it was then known merged with Northway Junior Primary School to become Chelsea Preparatory School. In the ensuing ten years our school flourished on its two campuses which are some 200 meters apart. This merge has enabled them to meet the challenges of the 21st century whilst retaining the small school feel on each campus. Their forward looking and strong management has seen each campus develop so as to provide the very best facilities possible for their pupils. The Northway Campus has especially seen major change as additional classrooms, new media centre, computer room and offices have been built. A new fully staffed aftercare, off street parking, drop off zone and synthetic surface field has been built on the trust owned property adjacent to the Northway Campus. Whilst the Chelsea Campus has seen the building of a sports hall, new offices, improved parking facilities and a substantial upgrade to our fields and adjacent facilities. All of these changes reflecting our desire to continue to be of service to the Durban North Community. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with this awesome team and hope to see all the young ladies and gentlemen on the sports arenas soon!! Crisis Medical. We are more than just an ambulance service. For more details on how we can help your school, contact us today on * image and extract taken from school website. for further information visit