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Current Time: 01:39:59pm
Date: 2019-03-25

IPSS Medical Rescue attended this accident scene.


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Photos from IPSS Medical Rescue's post

25 Mar 2019, 11:29 am

Beira 2019 'Following the safe return of the teams that initially deployed to Beira, I need to take a moment to thank various people and organisations for the contributions that were made to this expanded rescue effort. The disaster turned out to be a lot more extensive than anybody had anticipated and we left knowing that we made a difference, however small. A successful mission of this nature is underpinned by teamwork and perseverance, of which there was no shortage. A special thanks to our communities and followers who supported us from the word go. Your words gave us strength when morale was low. Thank you to our host country and its people; We hope that fortune will favor Mozambique in its efforts to rebuild. A special mention goes to Lenmed Private Hospitals who worked tirelessly to get the initiative underway, and further carried the operational costs of the teams. To Rescue South Africa, who are still deployed and playing a crucial role, the SANDF and SAAF, United Nations and the World Food Programme your support was invaluable and unwavering. To the pilots and crews that flew teams around the clock - much respect and thank you. There are dozens of organisations and individuals that played crucial roles. To each and every one of you, we remain grateful. We thank you all once more and wish the people of Mozambique strength and courage for the future.'' Regards Paul Herbst Paul Herbst, IPSS Medical Rescue Travis Trower Dasen Thathiah Ian Scher Abraham Senekal Klaas Prinsloo Gerhald Louw, Romel Da Rosa Ceron Lennox Keanan Reynolds Francois Pretorius Shane Rode Dylan Meyrick Armand Herbst Lenmed Private Hospitals Amil Devchand Ruben Naidoo

Photos from IPSS Medical Rescue's post

25 Mar 2019, 10:45 am

Beira 2019 We need to thank numerous people and organizations for supporting and assisting us on the mission. One of these is Vilanculos Beach Lodge. On the way to Beira we stayed at the lodge. We arrived at about 23h00 and Angela together with her whole team were waiting. They fed us, kept the bar open and provided magnificent rooms for our use. At 06h00 they were up to again feed us before we left for Beira. On Tuesday when our supplies were running low I was in the Beira airport when a man who identified himself as one of the owners of the lodge handed me a huge packet of chocolates and note (photo attached) for the team. The morale boost for the guys was amazing and the chocolates lasted about 10 minutes. The gesture was appreciated.

Rooftop Rescue Drop

23 Mar 2019, 1:41 pm

Beria: After rescuing stranded persons from roof-tops, helicopters ferried people to the dry land at elevated positions. Seen here, Travis Trower of Rescue South Africa and Bradley Hatfield assist a man to dry land, following a successful rescue. All of the pilots and their crew, who participated in these rescues, deserve a word of recognition for their unwavering skill, under trying conditions. Mercy Air Lenmed Private Hospitals Rescue South AfricaPaul Herbst