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The Best Online Music Streaming Services for 2021

6 Aug 2021, 10:06 am

Over the years, music listening has changed. Those days are gone when you bought cassette tapes, vinyl records and CDs. Now you don’t even need to buy digital downloads. In the 21st century, all you need to do is choose a music streaming service and sign up. This will give you on-demand access to the music you want to listen to on your phone that stays with you all the time. There are many music streaming services present today, and finding one that suits your needs is difficult. In this article, we share some of the best music streaming services for you to subscribe to.

Some of the Best Online Music Streaming Services

  1. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers a ton of audio content and music. It also provides you with a free streaming option, and it can work on various devices. Along with a great library of songs, Spotify also offers podcasts, collaborative playlists, live audio platforms and group listening. 

If you want to subscribe to a music streaming service with countless songs that will work on all your devices, Spotify is for you. For all the major platforms, Spotify has apps. If you don’t want the interruption of ads, you can go for a paid subscription.

Spotify’s ‘enhance’ button allows you to update your existing playlists by adding similar songs to them. By genre and mood, you can filter songs. Furthermore, Spotify also has video content and podcasts. Spotify’s music quality is good enough for its listeners. Its current streaming music quality is 320Kbps, and Spotify is also bringing a CD-quality option this year, and it will be called Spotify HiFi.

This year Spotify has updated its interface for mobile phones. Now there will be smoother transitions between song collections and podcasts. Spotify allows its users to pin specific podcasts, albums, and playlists for easy access. In June 2021, Spotify rolled out the live audio platform Greenroom. For podcasts, a beta of auto-transcription feature is introduced by Spotify.

  1. Apple Music

For Apple devices Apple Music is great. An app is there for Apple Music on many platforms, including Android.

If you use Apple products and iPhones, then you should go for Apple Music. Apple Music works with your current iTunes library, and it integrates with Apple’s software and hardware. Apple Music integrates with Apple Watch and Siri, and without any issue, it works on a HomePod. For Apple device owners Apple Music will prove to be the best service in terms of convenience.

Apple Music’s selection of content is excellent. It provides you exclusive tracks and Apple Music1 radio station along with on-demand songs. It offers curated playlists for those who want to listen to what their friends are listening to. You will also get playlists for new music and personal favorites.

Apple also added spatial audio and lossless audio options in June 2021. On select songs, you can get a CD-quality listening experience if you use the free upgrade. At launch, Apple provided twenty million songs in lossless, and by the end of 2021 in lossless music, it will offer seventy million songs.

If you are a new member, there is a three month free trial for you. Apple, however, does not have the free version offer with ads.

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited  

For Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon Music Unlimited is an excellent music subscription service. Amazon Music Unlimited has a rich library of songs. Without any extra cost, Music HD streaming was offered this year in May. Music HD is an offer of lossless audio tracks that come in CD-quality or higher.

You can access Music Unlimited on many platforms like the web, Android and iOS. Amazon’s Alexa is integrated with Music Unlimited, and if you got Alexa products, the service would be perfect for you.

  1. YouTube Music

If you use Google’s ecosystem of products, YouTube Music is for you. To put it another way, for those who have Android phones and want Google Assistant to fit well with their music streaming service, a convenient option is YouTube.

On the web and iOS, it is available. You can access it anywhere. You also get location-based playlists, and you can search songs with lyrics. YouTube also offers a free version with ads. There is also an ad-free premium plan.

There are also some other good streaming services available in 2021. They are Pandora, Soundcloud, Idagio, Primephonic, Tidal, Qobuz and Napster.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and YouTube are the best online music streaming services in 2021. Spotify and YouTube also offer a free version with ads. These music streaming services can give you a fantastic experience of online music.

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Advertising Environments and Types of Audio Content

6 Aug 2021, 9:55 am

Digital audio has three main types. They are online radio, podcasts, and pureplay audio streaming apps. In this article, the focus is on the first two types so that in detail, it can be explained what they are. Along with this, the focus is also on advertising environments, so this article is equally profitable for advertisers and for those wanting to know more about digital audio as they stream digital audio daily.

Online Radio Advertising

OTA radio keeps on coming to almost 90 percent of the Canadian populace, slanting toward grown-ups over 35, and has kept up with its grip as one of the heritage channels well situated to keep giving extraordinary substance to those tuning in. Notwithstanding, IP-based radio or digital radio is rising. 

With online audio developing year over year, and as smart speakers keep on developing unmistakable quality in Canadian households, the audience has acquired better approaches to lock in with their beloved radio characters and brands which thus, has set out new open doors for brands to coordinate with expanded content streams. OTA radio keeps on helping sponsors with the capacity to broadcast a central message comprehensively to an extensive crowd. On the other hand, Online radio permits advertisers to individualize messages utilizing a creative technology called DAI. 

Utilizing information accessible through online channels, DAI permits messages to be improved to a particular client dependent on the interesting attributes of that client. This technology empowers two audience members of the equivalent online radio broadcast to get two distinct ads. Considering the gigantic measure of factors at play, the advertisements become dynamic since ad exposure depends on continually changing client interests; what’s more, gathered demographic profiles and considering the right message to be conveyed to the right client at the perfect time. 

Digital union with radio has additionally empowered further developed innovative techniques like successive messaging, which considers tweaked stories to open out over time, and coordinated innovative, which can intensely attach different stages to the audio experience. 

An illustration of the last would be an arrangement with out-of-home promoting improved with sound advertisements to make a built-up campaign. Envision a radio business message that lines up with an out-of-home commercial as an audience member passes a transport shelter. These headways open a mind-blowing new material for innovative communication strategies. 

Digital radio offers Canadian marketers improved targeting, singular informing, and novel setups for creative advertisement executions. An extra benefit of the channel is that it gives a moderately cleaned up media climate with intensely drew in crowds; audio’s nature as an arranged media for utilization accommodates added brand safety just as some security around evident crowd exposure. 

Podcast Advertising 

Podcasts allude to sound programming that can be reached on-request and streamed or downloaded on cell phones and computers. With many choices across an expansive cluster of a topic, podcasts can be just about as incredible as book worming, as it involves: perusing, choosing, and inundating yourself in an all-devouring theatre of the psyche. Podcasts are personal sound encounters and reach underway quality from singular insights recorded on Garage Band to full-out expertly delivered worldwide superstar content. Podcasts can engage, illuminate and instruct. 

To consider podcasts is to think about your beloved book shop – envision the comprehensive exhibit of various sorts, titles and writers. 

Podcast audience members slant more youthful, have higher family pay and education, and as: “have you heard this podcast? ” or “what podcast are you listening to?” keep on becoming formal inquiries; the openings are endless. 

As an extreme context-oriented promoting climate, marketers can use the closeness of the medium to profoundly associate with their crowd, regardless of whether through an all-around created brand spot or modified host-reads. Given the high finish rates of podcasts, audience members once in a while ‘leave’ the listening experience during commercials. Research shows that podcast audience members are more responsive to audio ads inside podcasts, especially if the notices adjust with the style and content of the podcast itself. Authenticity is a sign of podcasts. 

Audience members foster a solid and confiding relationship with their most loved podcast host(s). Whenever done effectively through brand association, host-read advertisements can go about as a phenomenal chance for brands hoping to incorporate their audio story into this climate. In addition, as distributors keep on reacting to the increment in podcast interest, campaign targeting and ad insertion abilities keep on progressing. With refined innovation fueling scaled podcast content distribution, marketers can target worthwhile crowd sections across one or many podcast titles in a solitary campaign. Most major podcast distributors presently can powerfully embed even host-read advertisements, offering prevalent targeting and estimation for marketers.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, the focus has been on the major types of digital audio content and digital audio advertisement to help both the advertisers and the general public. Digital audio and, along with it, digital audio advertising are on the rise.

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Considerations for Successful Digital Audio Advertising Campaigns

6 Aug 2021, 9:52 am

Most successful digital audio campaigns are those exclusive to the medium and the particular program. Many platforms and publishers provide creative resources to empower the growth of audio spots that are fitting and exclusive for a particular kind of programming. This article is about things that an advertiser must consider for running a successful digital audio advertising campaign.

Following are some considerations for running successful digital audio advertising campaigns

  • Utilize creative audio, which is very explicit to digital audio. It must not have been used already coming from video ads or TV.
  • You must be aware that the screen may not exist, or it may have been turned off. The call to action must not depend on companion banner interaction or screen activation.
  • Tell a Story. Your ad must help a listener to be able to visualize your brand or product. Better engagements are driven by “theatre of the mind” opportunities.
  • Episodic experience must be created. Listeners like to hear the content they take an interest in.
  • You have to be authentic. To carry a significant idea, you should speak softly. Your message must be specific, and you should be clear about it. Clever repetition works best. It would be best to avoid testimonials, jokes, or skits, as incorporating these would make things difficult. The listeners will not be able to make a connection with your brand.
  • Rely on and use a familiar voice. As different personalities have a friend-to-friend connection with their listeners, you should connect with your audience. You must restrict other voices because different voices do not give the listener a good experience. The listeners get confused with multiple agents.
  • Your tempo, tone, and pace must be consistent. You should be able to say more with fewer words.
  • Your message must be localized. You must be aware that you are talking to the audience in their private places. Many of these customers are using headphones to listen to music on their own. That’s the reason when you think about your audience, you must think about them on an individual basis.
  • You must be sure that the host reads and the native ads are compatible with the truth-in-advertising guidelines.

Something else to consider

Like other types of targeted advertising, sellers and buyers must become aware of consumer confidentiality implications. They must also familiarize themselves with the self-regulatory codes and industry best practices, for example, The Digital Advertising Alliance Program.


For the transfer of advertisements and accommodation of client-and server-side ad tracking for improved prominence in campaign performance, specific standards have been developed.

If you want to know more about this technology, you can utilize the following info on the IAB website.

Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST):

Video Ad Serving Template (VAST):

 All the features in DAAST have been included in VAST 4.1, which now support

both Audio and Video ads.

The success of Digital Audio Today

Today, 77% of US Grown-ups own smartphones, and the average family possesses over four connected gadgets. From individual connected devices to associated vehicles to brilliant speakers and other related home apparatuses, computerized innovation offers the present buyer consistent availability that can be difficult for publicists and brands looking to 

amplify campaign impressions productively. 

Digital Audio has defeated all difficulties confronting publicists in the present over-burden media scene. Digital Audio impressions are the lone impressions that can affect a shopper while the gadget is being used yet not in see. 

An example of successful Digital Audio Advertising Campaigns that followed the considerations

Talenti and Midroll digital audio advertising Campaign

For increasing brand awareness, Talenti brand frozen desserts started a campaign. The campaign incorporated thirty-second pre-roll spots on shows addressed by Midroll.  The campaign circulated for twenty-two weeks. Midroll studied 608 audience members who listened to an episode of the  “Spilled Milk” and “Gastropod” podcasts that contained a host-read pre-roll ad for Unilever’s Talenti image of gelatos and sorbettos. Seventy-four percent of audience members had been able to review a particular element of the product publicized independently. Seventy-one percent said they were pretty or substantially more liable to purchase Talenti after listening to the podcast ad.

The Final Pick

As mentioned above, a successful digital audio campaign is exclusive to the medium and the particular program, and there are many platforms that help. If all things mentioned are considered by the advertisers before starting the audio advertising campaigns, digital audio advertising campaigns will turn out to be successful digital audio campaigns like the one mentioned in this article.

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