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Date: 2022-05-25

Six Common Instagram Ad Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

22 May 2022, 3:31 pm

Indeed, no one of us has not heard of Instagram or social networks at least once. That is simple – Instagram is today one of the most popular social networks with a large user base. It is a fact that every marketer who wants to market their brand must not ignore.

If you are looking for a way to promote your products and services, share your brand, and invite your audience, Instagram is an ideal solution. You can reach your audience with Instagram ads without spending a lot of money. It is easy to precisely target the audience you are looking for and choose the amount of money to spend.

Businesses using Instagram to connect and build relationships with new customers are well-equipped for Instagram ads. But, if you make any of these Instagram advertising mistakes, your ads’ success can easily be jeopardized. But don’t worry. We will not only go over common Instagram advertising errors and problems that can often cause business failures, but we will also discuss how to correct them.

Learn about six mistakes marketers make when advertising on Instagram, and how to avoid them.

1. Targeting a broad audience

Instagram iconMarketers can make the most significant Instagram ad error by not being clear on who they are targeting. Marketers who aren’t clear about their target audience choose a comprehensive audience profile to advertise to. They end up spending more on ads that are not effective, as they are not targeted.

Before starting an Instagram advertising campaign, it is essential to identify your target audience. You can then use Instagram’s advanced audience targeting tools to create lookalike audiences that target your intended audience.

2. A lack of a clear goal

Setting objectives like “increase revenues” or “improve your business is OK.”, your ads will not help those big-picture goals if they don’t have more specific purposes. A specific goal is essential for effective advertising. This goal will guide the content and form of your ad. Some examples of goals are:

  • Increase your website’s traffic;
  • Your posts can drive user engagement;
  • Increase awareness of your brand via the platform;
  • App installations or sales increase;
  • Most users won’t remember your ads. Avoid confusing messages in your Instagram ads.

3. A clear value proposition is essential

Man with a mobile and InstagramYour audience should know what it is. Focusing your ad message on your product or service is a great way to get your news across and make sure you clearly state that in your ad copy.

Include a call to action

Once you have captured their attention, tell them the next steps. CTA (call-to-action) is the key to advertising success.

4. The long-term benefits

It is natural to desire to see the results of your Instagram advertising purchases. Advertising on Instagram is only beneficial if used for a long time and does not limit your search to short-term gains. You will get the best out of Instagram marketing if you know its long-term benefits and plan your advertising accordingly.

Create your community

Advertising on Instagram has a lot of value because it allows you to establish a connection between your brand and other Instagram users. Your marketing strategy should include ads that aim to increase brand awareness and encourage user engagement. You will be able to position yourself as a trusted brand that your audience trusts, which will help you achieve long-term success.

Consistent branding

It is essential to establish a trusting relationship with your audience. This can be done by using consistent branding throughout your online presence. Your branding should include both your visual identity as well as your copy. Images and text should be unified with a consistent voice.

5. You are not being tracked.

Analytics can be used to determine the performance of your ad campaigns regardless of how hard you work. You can either use the built-in analytics tools or third-party software to measure their performance. You can use unique tracking codes to take your performance analytics up a notch. These codes can be generated using, which allows you to track each ad’s performance.

6. Only one type of Instagram Ad

Man with a mobileInstagram is a popular image-sharing platform. Instagram marketers make the common mistake of using only still-image ads. Diversifying your ad offerings is a way to avoid this error.

Select the correct ad type

  • Instagram ads can’t be interchangeable. Each has its advantages. Be sure to consider the role of each ad in your marketing strategy.
  • Image ads are most effective when the subject is easily communicated in one compelling visual. This format is excellent for promoting one product or service.
  • Video ads provide a deeper view of your brand or product. These ads are appropriate when you have more information than one image can convey.
  • Stories ads provide an immersive experience that takes up the entire screen. This format is a great way to increase engagement.
  • Carousel ads allow for more interaction with users and offer a variety of images or videos that can be swiped through. This format is suitable for campaigns that increase e-commerce sales due to the swipe-up call-to-action button or link.
  • Explore Ads are found in the Explore Tab, where users can discover new content. Explore ads are a great way of building brand awareness.
  • Collection ads can be an excellent choice for e-commerce campaigns as they let users buy products from the ads.
  • Shopping ads and like collection advertisements allow users to purchase products from the ads. This format, however, takes the user to your mobile website and not an Instagram storefront.
  • Reels ads provide content where sound is essential. Reels are different from most Instagram accounts, and you can count on Reels users to have their sound on.


Be done with common Instagram marketing errors. Here are some common Instagram ad errors and tips to avoid them. These tips will ensure that your ads have the best chance of moving your business forward.

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7 Marketing Strategy for Tech Companies

19 May 2022, 10:17 pm

There are plenty of questions you are probably asking yourself almost every day. One of them is related to facing everyday customer service or coding challenges, and according to that, what is the best way to find the solution? Once you’ve identified the most common answer, you’re unsure how to choose between different options? Where do you go next once you’ve discovered the most effective solution? Indeed, many questions and still essential to find the best possible for your tech company. We prepared for you an article about strategies which could save the day.

We all hear how sales and marketing are vital parts of the growth of any tech business, and it’s not new. However, let’s be honest. Budget is necessary, and many companies cannot do what the most significant players do. For example, Salesforce and Tableau invested a staggering 53 percent of their earnings in marketing and sales in 2014, whereas Constant Contact spent 38% and Manhattan Associates 12%.

However, before you get up and put your hands up in dismay, there are strategies for tech firms on the budget that will keep you in the game and even profitable. Everyday and more recent spending to market for technology companies is around 15 percent of the budget for the year, as per CMO Survey. 

Use blogs to boost sales and make your marketing remarkable!

Woman with laptopBlogs are an excellent opportunity to draw people to your website and brand. They can be customized to any stage of your customer’s buying journey. In the beginning, you’ll want your blog to be user-focused, engaging, and educational. After that, they will assist readers in understanding precisely how your product solves the issue more effectively than other products. Also, they could include new features that you’ve introduced or the things they should consider when evaluating your product.

Blogs are focused on education and not on selling. Your blog posts position you to be an authority in what the visitors are searching for. Let them know that you know their needs, what you can do to help, and what potential downsides or obstacles could be possible. This way, you are building confidence in them, and it is a part of the relationship you are creating.

Public relations and how to get your name there?

Another strategy to market tech firms is public relations. The “ROI is extremely valuable,” especially if you opt for a hybrid approach and “meld PR with SEO, paid media, or social and other media,” according to an article published on Entrepreneur.

This can be a method that can help you become an authority on the subject. You could create newspaper articles and magazine pieces and distribute news announcements about significant occasions. You could also engage a marketing company to assist with this.

The cost of a PR campaign can be wildly different. If you decide to go for it yourself, all you need is tears and sweat and the time to make your product more appealing as it currently is. If you contract it out, the cost will depend on how long your campaign will take, the kind of content created, and the company’s scale you select. According to public relations expert Todd Brabender, companies that are lean in technology should look for an agency comparable in size to reduce costs.

Use email marketing to strengthen connections to nurture prospects!

Email is one method of marketing for tech firms. Use email to:

  • Thank them for subscribing to your newsletter;
  • For inviting them to see another piece of content based on the content they downloaded the first time;
  • Invite them to attend a webinar or any other type of event;
  • Find out how things are going;
  • and tons more

It’s essential to segment your email list and customize emails so that they can reach the specific segment of customers you want to achieve.

LinkedIn: corporate, personal, or both?

The most effective marketing strategy for technological companies includes the usage of LinkedIn. Ninety-four percent of business-to-business marketers interviewed by the Content Marketing Institute prefer LinkedIn as their preferred social network. There’s a good reason for that:

  • There’s a large concentration of tech professionals who are on it;
  • 50 percent of purchasers of B2B-related products and services utilize LinkedIn in making an investment decision;
  • 76% of people rely on suggestions regarding their decision-making from their LinkedIn network;
  • On LinkedIn, you can be a part of LinkedIn groups, publish articles, and even answer questions and all to raise awareness of your business and develop its reputation as a thought-leader

Organic social media: Twitter and Facebook!

Man with mobileIt is estimated that around 60 million companies have pages on Facebook. However, around eight-seven percent of the posts to these pages do not get addressed. This provides you with an opening. Give advice; answer questions. Provide value.

Twitter has over 328 million followers but not all of which you’ll want to reach. Therefore, make your list of your target followers. Sort them into lists based on specific keywords or interests, then go through some of the tweets’ queries and respond. Utilize videos or direct messages and images to make your tweets impression. It’s fine to tweet about your latest item, but you shouldn’t do it solely. The goal is to establish connections, build credibility, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Social media is a great place to provide customer service to create and maintain relationships with loyal customers and potential customers. It likewise could bring new customers to your site. “As people see your outstanding customer service on the internet, they’ll be more likely to purchase your product themselves,” said Patel and Taylor.

Pay-per-click: social media Facebook

Man with laptop and mobileFacebook ads effectively increase your list of subscribers, send users to a landing page, generate interest in your business, etc. Its most common conversion rate for ads placed on this platform for all sectors is 9.21 percent; however, this drops to 2.3 percent for technology-related companies. In addition, it is still higher than 40 percent of marketers with conversion landing pages with less than 1.4 percent.

Facebook offers the advertising best practices section specifically for medium and small enterprises, where members discuss ideas and offer suggestions.

Pay-per-click: Google Ads

Retargeting describes advertisements on other websites visited by someone who has already seen your site. You can achieve this via Google’s Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is one of the most potent advertising tools you can utilize and is used by 90% of all Internet users. This implies that they’ve demonstrated an interest in your services, and this means that now advertising on your website can be pre-qualified.

Keep in mind that it would be best if you had a plan. Who specifically do you want to decide to target? There are a variety of options that include targeting people who have visited:

  • Your home pages;
  • A single page but no other;
  • Based on keywords;
  • Two particular pages.


It’s not easy to create an effective marketing plan with only a few thousand dollars each month, and however, it’s not impossible.

All it takes is your objectives. Select a feasible one. Determine which of the strategies listed above can help you achieve the goal. Then, please take action to implement it.

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5 No-code Tools to Grow Your Business – Take Your Business to the Next Level

9 May 2022, 11:51 pm

We see a wave of different tools in all areas of online business. Their common feature is that they allow you to run various user programs to meet the needs of other end-users. Work development and optimization are made easier with no-code tools. These features have allowed them to be used in diverse circumstances and duties, from personal to professional. On the market, many applications are attempting to address the needs of a large number of potential users, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

No-code tools contain drag-and-drop alternatives that use low-code access. These tools are designed for business people who may not have any prior programming experience but want to create an app for internal usage. Because they feature predefined blocks, pages, and elements that are easy to use, no-code platforms are akin to blogging sites or webshops.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp landing pageMailChimp is a top-rated email marketing service that you may use to send emails to your newsletter subscribers. These are crucial acts because they allow you to engage with all of your followers while also sending offers, discounts, or emails to the people who make up your list of followers. Newsletters are created with Mailchimp through its easy-to-navigate dashboard. You can use it for free or pay, depending on the number of individuals on your list.

One of the best options is automation. It allows you to retarget advertisements for Instagram and Facebook. You can also track and record user leads, social media management, and campaign automation. Artificial intelligence-powered business intelligence and other purchasing and website development fields are all part of the Mailchimp platform.

2. Shopify 

Shopify landing pageShopify is a famous eCommerce website builder with various functional, feature-rich themes. Whether you need a theme for your online store or a client’s following project website, with Shopify, you will have it all. Shopify is a platform that allows you to construct your online store quickly and easily without using a code. With Shopify, you can choose between various themes and layouts in Shopify to make your online business look and feel as you want it to.

This platform is excellent for salespeople who have no prior technology or design experience. Shopify allows you to construct your online store without the need for a developer. It features many templates, most of which are stylish and professional in appearance. These themes are also highly responsive, meaning they will look and feel fabulous on any screen, even smartphones.

3. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics landing page

Google Analytics is a Google system that delivers several data collection and analysis tools for analyzing website traffic for free. Google Analytics reports disclose who visits your website and how they act, making them a crucial tool for getting to know potential customers and satisfying their demands. You can get helpful reports from Google Analytics regarding the number of visitors to a website, keyword analysis, demographic and geographic data about visitors, etc.

Suppose you wonder what it takes to use this tool; there is no room for worry because all you need is a Gmail account, and you are ready to use the Google Analytics platform. After that, using it allow this tool to take your business to another level.

4. Evernote

Evernote landing pageEvernote is a tool for storing data that you find on the internet and that which you produce yourself. In other words, this is your cloud workspace because you can save everything that is vital or that you will need to work, pleasure, rest, and so on without having to carry pen drives, disks, or use computer stores all of the time.

The benefit is that it can all be categorized so that you will have a hard drive in the cloud, but it will be external. Furthermore, it aids in managing all information received and generated, and you will be able to classify photographs, audio, videos, recordings, and documents in one location.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot landing pageHubSpot is a program or platform for inbound marketing that is well-known worldwide. It is a multipurpose tool that provides various services and allows you to obtain multiple resources to complete multiple tasks that impact your company’s growth.

First and foremost, this application includes a content manager that allows users to create and publish websites. Because you may send messages or publications, and newsletters can be automated, it operates similarly to email. Its SEO function helps you to keep track of and improve the performance of your company’s networks. It is possible to develop valuable material via blogging, design and publish landing pages, and analyze, monitor, and publish channels to gauge the progress of ongoing advertising campaigns.


No-code tools are a perfect option if you need a primary application to handle organizational challenges and don’t want to rely on the IT development department. On the other hand, the coding platform requires relatively little expertise, so anyone with even a single day of programming experience can design everything they need.

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